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About TSS

In today’s competitive business environment, business depends on technology, not only to conduct day-to-day operations, but also as a strategic tool to analyze, process, restructure and react quickly to the changes as effectively and efficiently as possible.

IT plays a major part in the efficient running of any organization, but the staff, budget or infrastructure are always a concern. As a result, companies often seek service providers that understand IT and count on them designing, developing and deliver flexible IT solutions.


Established since 2005 as an information technology solutions and services company, TSS Co, Ltd. provides our customers a comprehensive range of services and solutions from IT infrastructure, system integration and maintenance as well as all other IT equipment/services.


Our understanding in both existing systems and new technologies allows us to assist our customers from high value-added services such as system integration and implementation to lower-end services such as system maintenance and the re-engineering of older applications.


We provide our customers the ability to understand and meet all of their IT needs. Our technologies, expertise and services enable your business to operate more efficiently and effectively in whatever situation.